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Aviation Services

Since 1979, Quadrant has strived to meet the needs of airport clients in the rapidly changing transportation environment. Throughout our history, we have completed a wide range of projects to improve the mobility of the aviation industry. Quadrant is positioned to provide expert consulting services in Airport Planning &; Design. We specialize in planning, environmental and design of airports and heliports.

Quadrant’s staff capabilities include experience in the areas of environmental, engineering, forecasting, and  planning. We are experts in runway and taxiway design, aviation noise modeling, airport master plans, land use and noise compatibility studies, and airport environmental compliance. From new general-aviation airports to major airport expansions, we can help you make it happen.

Quadrant has served not only Major Commercial Airports but has extensive experience in General Aviation Airports as well as working tailored projects for major commercial airlines and corporate aviation departments.

Airport Planning

  • Airport Master Plans

  • Site Selections and Obstruction Studies

  • Business Plans and Economic Studies

  • Runway Length Analysis

  • Environmental Analysis

  • Noise Analysis and Modeling 

Airport Development/Engineering

  • New Construction of Runways; Taxiways; Air Carrier, Cargo, and General Aviation Aprons

  • Helipads and Heliports

  • Overlay, Reconstruction/Rehabilitation of Airfield Pavements

  • Airfield Lighting and Signage Projects

  • Siting and Installations of NAVAIDs (Glide Slopes, Localizers, NDBs, Marker Beacons, Approach Lights, PAPIs, REILs, etc.)

  • Roadways and Auto Parking


City of Houston – Certified DBE and MBE

Aviation Projects